15 Utility Uses For Your UTV

15 Utility Uses For Your UTV

Tractors and trucks are priceless when it comes to a lot of farm tasks.

However you UTVs have proven to be just as indispensable as these machines. Due to the small size of the UTV, it’s versatile for many farm chores that trucks and tractors are not suited for.

So jobs such as feeding, towing, hauling and ploughing are even more convenient when using a UTV as opposed to tractors. UTVs are larger than ATVs and designed for functional versatility.

They are able to carry cargo as well as multiple passengers, and they transform farm jobs by adding convenience and maneuverability. They also give ease to chores that trucks and tractors don’t offer.

Ultimately, UTVs have become game-changers for many farmers and here are a few reasons why.

Best Utility Uses for Your UTV

While a tractor is still the go-to machine when power is needed on farms, for most modern-day jobs, ATVs and UTVs are preferred.

It is true that they cannot match the strength of a tractor or truck; however, their small size and versatility ensures that farmers can easily travel across acres and accomplish a variety of tasks. Some of these tasks include:

1. Transporting supplies


One of the biggest advantages of a UTV is its ability to quickly and easily transport supplies across the farm.

Large UTVs can carry hundreds of pounds of supplies whether you’re towing a small trailer of hay or carrying feedbags on the rack or in the bed, an ATV or UTV makes the entire transportation process simpler, better and faster.

Ultimately it saves you from firing up your tractor just simply to move a few bales of hay.

2. Plowing fields

Adding a chisel plow or disk plow attachment to the back of the machine will turn your ATV or UTV into a miniature tractor.

This will allow you to start cultivating your fields and preparing them for planting crops or a garden. UTVs are ideal for this task due to their small size and easy maneuverability.

3. Raking

Just as you can use a plow attachment and a UTV, a rake attachment can also be used on these machines to clean up different types of debris.

Depending on the number of tines and the adjustable spacing on some attachments, you can use your UTV to rake pine needles, leaves, brush, tree debris, and much more.

4. Harrowing

UTV feild work

If you’d like to put your UTV to better use, start with harrowing your fields. By adding a harrow attachment, you’ll take a step towards preparing your fields for crops.

Depending on the goal, you can get a drag harrow, or disc harrow and probably both. Ultimately this allows the machine to accomplish whatever task you may require.

5. Plowing snow

If you reside in a place that receives winter snowfall, your UTV may help keep your yard and your driveway free from snow.

By using the right accessories and plow attachments, such as wheel weights, sandbags, and tire chains, your UTV can be surprisingly effective at keeping snow at bay.

However, you should be aware that these machines work best when the snow is light and fluffy as opposed to wet and heavy.

6. Mowing grass

By making use of a mower deck attachment, you can turn your UTV into the ultimate lawnmower. ATVs and UTVs are entering the lawn care market and are probably more effective than lawnmowers.

In addition to the mower attachment, you can use a pull behind mower, and a switch to lawn-friendly tires and ultimately turn your ATVs and UTVs into superior lawnmowers.

7. Building fences

Your ATV or UTVs are priceless when it comes to helping you carry tools and supplies to and from the building site; however, if you are building a wire fence, you can attach a rear-mounted wire unroller to the UTV and allow you to unwind the wire with little effort.

8. Carrying firewood

Firewood transport

If you enjoy harvesting firewood from your farm, you know that it can be difficult and, in most cases, impossible to get any sort of luck, especially when trying to navigate the dense woods.

However, thanks to the small size UTVs, they can venture where other machines cannot go. Ultimately this simplifies the process of hauling firewood out of the forest.

So for the modern farm quality, a UTV is invaluable, and you can accomplish a lot of work with the small size of the machine. They can also be lots of fun to ride.

9. Catching calves

If you want to make the process of catching calves, so simpler, you can use a specially designed attachment, which is a large side-mounted metal enclosure that literally allows you to catch and separate young calves from their mothers.

This also helps you to give them better care and safety.

10. Spreading seeds

You can make quick work of distributing seeds such as grass seeds by using an attachment mounted on the back of the UTV. These fixtures can handle other materials such as sand and fertilizer too.

Ultimately, you can accomplish a task that would probably take you hours in a matter of minutes, and it’s all thanks to the convenience, speed, and maneuverability of a UTV.

11. Hunting

Irrespective of whether you are hauling bags of corn to a deer feeder or getting yourself to a duck blind or stand. a UTV will make things much easier.

ATVs and UTVs are perfect for getting out and taking everything you need with you. The end goal, of course, is putting meat in the freezer. As a bonus, you’ll have a ride to transport your prize kill as opposed to carrying it out on your back.

12. Hauling


Standard side-by-side’s have the capability of hauling approximately 1000 pounds and towing up to 2000 pounds. UTVs can carry most of the essentials you need to get your job done.

These tiny machines can accomplish anything from mowing fields, planting and harvesting crops, and doing general maintenance. It is the vehicle of choice for millions of farmers around the world.

13. Recreation

While ATVs and UTVs are extremely handy and capable vehicles that you can put to work on the farm or your own property, let’s not forget that they are also for recreational use.

When the work is done, and it’s time to let your hair down, your UTV is still your loyal friend. There are a lot of competitors today when it comes to utility sports vehicles and UTVs ever so popular.

So even the most loyal and capable UTV on the farm is still good at spinning tires and making for a fun day on the trails.

14. Feeding livestock

Feeding animals is really a chore. However, a UTV can make this easier.

They are more compact than a pickup, so it’s easy to get them inside and as close to building as possible or near enough to load up on supplies, which makes the whole process convenient.

In fact, the proper attachments and harnesses you can even transport your livestock between pastures right on your UTV.

15. Property surveying


Your UTV allows a crew to navigate a space while still preserving the natural landscape. So if you are searching for hunting ground, a future homesite, or fixing fences along private property, your UTV is up for that challenge.

It is also extremely useful when it comes to landscaping and gardening. You can carry soil, plants, and equipment for getting tasks such as plowing and snow removal done with less time and effort.

All you need to do is pack your tools, hop on, and get your tasks done in no time at all.

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