Can I install a sound system on my UTV/ATV?

Can I Install A Sound System On My UTV/ATV?

There’s nothing more thrilling than taking your off-roader out for an adventure, but imagine just how good it could be with your personal soundtrack playing as you did.

Many ATV and UTV owners these days are giving their vehicles a fun upgrade with sound systems, soundbars, and speakers, and changing the way they drive forever.

If you’ve been thinking about adding some music to your favorite pastime, there’s never been a better time.

The market is packed full of sound options for off-roaders whether it’s basic UTV speakers or a completely customized audio kit made just for you and your ATV.

How do you install a sound system on an ATV though?

These days, it’s easy enough to attach a sound system to your utility vehicle without the need for a professional, as most audio kits come with their own installation method you can do at home.

All you have to do is decide the setup you want and follow the instructions to take your ATV to the next level.

Whether you’re after a sound that’s mild or wild, there’s bound to be something out there to suit. We’re going to look at the most popular sound setups and which ones are compatible with off-roaders so you’ll never have to ride in silence again.

Compatible Sound Systems With UTVs and ATVs

Compatible Sound Systems With UTVs And ATVs

ATVs and UTVs are fun enough on their own but when you’re looking to upgrade yours with something cool, modern audio options are some of the best out there.

There are loads of great sound systems and speakers that are compatible with today’s utility vehicle so check out what some of the cool possibilities are if you want to add some music to your ride.

Receiver and Speakers

This is a basic audio setup that can be attached to your ATV if you don’t require a lot of power. The receiver and speakers are connected, with the receiver being the command center.

The speakers can be mounted to your UTV wherever possible for better quality audio and usually sold in sets of either two or four. Additional features include AM/FM radio, USB input, Bluetooth capabilities, and options for adjusting settings like balance and bass.

Sound System

A sound system is a complete audio setup that includes microphones, signal processors, loudspeakers, cables, and power amplifiers.

This type of setup can be expensive and usually requires professional installation, however, it offers the best sound quality and highest volume audio.

Installing a sound system on a UTV or ATV takes up more space as speakers will be mounted in different locations around the vehicle, but this results in a more immersive audio experience.

Sound System Tube

A sound system tube is similar to a soundbar in that it’s an all-in-one package that provides all of the audio output.

What makes the sound system tube ideal for an ATV is its shape though, with a durable tube shape that fits perfectly onto your vehicle’s front bar and delivers impressive sound.

These sound system tubes are usually made with weatherproof materials and are built to withstand the type of beating that a ride on an ATV incurs.

Sound Bar

Sound bars have become a popular alternative to sound systems in home theaters and it appears they’re gaining popularity in vehicles as well. The sound bar allows for a lightweight audio setup that still packs a lot of punch.

They can be mounted directly on your handlebars or rollbars and you’ll be able to hear every single note with crisp clarity.

A soundbar features tweeters, woofers, and drivers inside as well as an amplifier, so it’s like having a full sound system in a tiny package. Best of all, they connect through Bluetooth to your phone so you can always have access to the music you want.

Custom Made Kit

Custom designed stereo system kits made for ATVs and UTVs are the hottest thing on the market. They’ve been made specifically to suit off-roaders and ensure that they’re compatible with whatever vehicle you have.

A custom kit can be as basic as a receiver and speaker setup made for your ATV all the way up to a powerful system that would do just as well in a home theatre.

Although they’re expensive and require professional installation, they are the premium choice if you take your audio seriously. You can build a system yourself or get someone to design a package for you, depending on your needs.

Audio Roof

An audio roof is for people who use their ATVs for more than just fun, and it offers a practical purpose as well as the fun option of driving around with music. An audio roof is a roof that’s mounted onto the ATV or UTV which features a built-in speaker and receiver set.

The roof can be mounted with a drill and it keeps you protected from harsh UV rays as well as provides a sound system to travel with. They’re more expensive because of the dual functionality but a smart idea for anyone who spends the day in the sun with their off-roader.

Sound Bars vs Sound Systems

Sound Bars Vs Sound Systems

The two most popular choices for ATV audio are sound bars and sound systems.

There’s no right or wrong answer for which is best for you as it depends on your ATV, how you like to ride, the level of sound you want, and any other features you require. Consider what either option has to offer before you make your final choice.

Sound Bar Advantages

  • Sound bars can be as cheap as $100 for a basic model or as expensive as a few thousand for premium products, so there’s a lot of range in price.
  • A sound bar fitted onto an ATV will offer better sound quality than a sound system because the audio only needs to travel through a small space.
  • Sound bars fit nicely onto the handlebars or roll bar and stay mounted even if you’re riding over rough terrain.

Sound System Advantages

  • With a sound system, you have the option to upgrade as you need, so you can start with a basic receiver and one speaker and then add more as you go. There’s far more customization available than with a sound bar.
  • A sound system may be more detailed to set up and requires a lot of fine-tuning, which can add to the final cost of your ATV audio.

How to Install Your New Sound System

Depending on the type of sound system you purchase, you may be able to install it for yourself or use a professional.

Custom made kits that were designed specifically for your vehicle usually come with installation as part of the fee, compared to other styles like a receiver and speaker setup that can be done at home with a small amount of effort on your behalf.

Some varieties of sound systems, like speaker system tubes, come with a plug and play installation process.

Once purchase, you receive everything you need in the package and all you have to do is attach it to the ATV and plug it in for it to work. If you’re not technically minded, this can be a huge advantage to have something so easy to install.

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Upgrading your ATV with a brand new audio system can breathe new life into your favorite pastime.

The addition of a new audio attachment to your off-roader doesn’t have to be expensive or hard to install, thanks to the huge selection of systems available today for this very purpose.

If you’ve been thinking of upgrading your ATV or UTV and have more questions, check out our answers to these popular FAQs.

Can You Install a GPS on Your ATV?

If you’re someone who travels far distances or likes to keep track of where you’re going on your ATV, there are GPS and radio systems that can help do just that.

These are powerful and reliable communication systems that can be fitted to the universal mount of your utility vehicle and they help keep you in contact with others when you’re traveling off-road.

What Is an LED Light Bar?

An LED light bar can be installed onto an ATV to help you see in the dark when you’re riding at night and provide light to the dash of the vehicle.

They can be purchased as a separate light bar or as part of a sound system, with other features including strobe effects and multicolored lights. However, there are restrictions in place regarding driving an ATV with lights on, especially if you’re traveling on a public road.

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