How to Prepare Your UTV For Hunting Trip

How To Prepare Your UTV For Hunting Trip

When you get serious about hunting, you’ll also get serious about having the right tools for the job.

You’ll need full artillery, including a bow or gun, camouflage, and knife for cleaning the animal, etc.

However, by far, the best tool to assist you is going to be a UTV. These side-by-sides are rugged and help you cover more ground in a short space of time so that you can get into the best hunting grounds possible.

And as a bonus, bringing back your prize kill will be easier than ever thanks to the powerful capabilities of this vehicle.

There are literally dozens of powerful and practical UTVs on the market. So below, we’ll take a closer look at how these UTVs can assist you in your hunting adventures.

How can a UTV help you on hunting trips?

How Can A UTV Help You On Hunting Trips?

If you’re a dedicated hunter, you’ll need to stock up on necessary hunting tools to make each adventure count.

Irrespective of whether you prefer a bow or gun or both, you need to equip yourself with all the essentials to ensure a successful trip.

One of the best ways that you can do this is by taking your side-by-side along for the ride. ATVs and UTVs are designed to be rugged and tough, and this lets you cover much more ground with the added benefit of all the storage space you will need.

In fact, you have enough room to take a friend or two along for the ride. However, you also need to remember that there are some rules when hunting with your UTV, and you need to be aware of them.

Rules to remember

When hunting, take note of your states, rules, and regulations. Some states may classify UTVs the same way they classify ATVs, and others might give them off-road vehicle classifications.

Some states may allow you to discharge a firearm if you have special disability permits; however, this is extremely rare.

In other states may not even carry a loaded weapon in your UTV, so it is crucial that you take the time to learn the laws in your state and remember them.

Aside from the local laws, there are basic regulations you need to follow, such as having a license and tags. Also, take note of land use issues and whether or not parks and trails permit off-road vehicles.

In most cases, national Forest is open to the public unless it is otherwise stated.

More often than not, it is less restrictive, but you need to be conscious of your weapon, and it should never be discharged within 500 feet of any road or old house. So proper gun safety is imperative.

You’ll need a utv ramp to transport you UTV.



Irrespective of how you plan on going about your UTV hunting trip, you are expected to be responsible to the environment, fellow human beings as well as your prey.

So ensure that you have a clear shot and know where the round is going to travel if you miss the mark.

Also, leave plenty of room between you and other fellow hunters so as to not infringe on their experience and ensure that you are not in their line of fire and vice versa. Owners’ permissions are required if you need to travel across private land.

So remember to close gates, treat your surroundings with respect, and leave fences intact.

Making use of UTVs on hunting trips can enhance the experience; however, it still your responsibility to ensure they do not cause problems for other hunters and people around you.

Gear up

Deciding to take your UTV on a hunting expedition means you on your way to a successful hunting trip. To increase your chances of success, you should invest in some essential pieces of equipment to sell.

Consider purchasing a winch you don’t already own one. This tool is highly effective when it comes to pulling heavy games out of the muck and onto the level ground for dressing.

You may also use it to pull yourself out of tricky spots with ties and straps will not do the trick. If hunting large game, you’ll want additional straps and ropes when you tie them down.

Something else is also especially helpful in this case is large cargo racks as they do not require as much effort to install or when stowing cargo.

Rifle scabbards are especially handy to keep the optics of your rifle straight and transport firearms easily. Dick straight and to conveniently transport firearms to the hunting area without it being damaged.

Driving a UTV to the hunting grounds of your choice can be a bumpy ride, but rifle scabbards would ensure your weapons are secure and out-of-the-way at all times.

You can also try upgrading your lights to turn those dark mornings or evenings in a few more hours of hunting.

How to equip your UTV for hunting?

How To Equip Your UTV For Hunting?

Before you head off into the sunset on your hunting expedition, there are a few things that you need to have with you. Some items are just in case, and other items are absolutely essential. You need to have all of them.

Gun or bow case

Irrespective of whether you are using a gun or bow, you need to have a way to strap it during transportation securely.

Not every state or province will require you to have a case; however, lots of them do. So be sure to observe your local laws and invest in good quality cases.


Irrespective of whether you need to pull a trail obstacle or drag out your buck; you should never go hunting without some type of good quality rope. 

A good braided rope is strong, and if you must leave it in your machine and it isn’t protected from the elements, get a marine-grade rope that won’t rot easily.


You probably already take a flashlight along on your hunting trips with your UTV; however, it’s always good to have a spare in your machine.

It’s extremely helpful in getting your gear on so you can go to a stand quickly, or if you accidentally drop something, with a flashlight, it will be easy to find.


Lots of people take an axe along with them when going UTV hunting. This is extremely useful when it comes to clearing big downed branches off your trail. So it makes sense to have it handy.

First aid kits

It’s absolutely imperative to take along first aid kits. Even though you don’t anticipate or plan on having accidents, the reality is they do happen.

In some cases, you may be close to home, and in other cases, you may be far away, so having a first aid kit on hand will be priceless on your hunting trips.


You’re probably asking why you need a winch. However, if you ever been stuck in the mud or snow at any given point in time, you probably don’t need to ask that question.

Winches can be used to remove obstacles and do many of the same jobs that you could do with the towing strap; however, guess and there are some tasks that only a winch can achieve.

Tasks such as loading your ATV onto your truck or trailer is an absolute breeze when you have a winch.

They are also ideal when used with snowplows for those who live in regions where they have fluffy white snow all over the driveways for several months of the year.

Air pump and tire plugs

If you ever come out of a mall after shopping to find a flat tire, you can easily call a towing company to fix it.

However, when you are miles up the mountain trail, it is going to be tough to get any type of tow truck company out; however, a small 12 Volt air compressor and a simple patch kit can be priceless in this situation.

Cell phone and charger

Okay, so the whole point of going on a hunting trip is to get away from technology, so why should you take a cell phone?

Ultimately, it’s not to keep you chained to the office; however, to keep you connected with loved ones, and it’s also imperative to stay connected in the event of something going wrong.

In the event that you have a mechanical health issue, text messages can still get through even with weak signals.

A good phone case is important to protect your phone from being damaged during hunting adventures, and a phone charger is also priceless for those long trips.

How to mount a winch to your UTV?

You need to start off by choosing the right winch. Always pick an appropriate winch for the tasks that you most often need done.

After figuring out which winch you’re going to get, this is the next process. No winch can be mounted straight out of the box, so you need to either get a winch mount plate or winch ready bumper.

And getting your winch bolted to the winch plate, or bumper is quite simple. All you need is a baffle ring and clevis hook. Wiring your winch can get a bit tricky, so always refer to the instructions that come with your winch and bumper plate.

Start by removing the bumper from the machine and then mounting the super UTV winch to the winch mounting plate and thereafter, tighten the four bolts. Once it’s fitted in properly tighten the four bolts in snugly.

Next, you should take the winch assembly and bracket and mount it into the UTV using the four bolts provided. Loosely tighten it at first until you ensure that everything is aligned.

Once you are sure that you have proper alignment, you can then properly tighten all four bolts.

Wiring your winch

Once you have mounted your winch plate and tightened it, it’s time to wire the winch. Follow the instructions that come with it.

Ensure that you get the positive and negative wires correct, or else it will spool out when you press in and spool in when you press out.

The last of this process is to install the fairlead. This would allow your synthetic rope to spool in and out easily and also help you clean debris.

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