Honda Talon Review in 2021

Short summary

  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 7.3 gal
  • Fuel Efficiency: Average
  • Speed: 74 mph
  • Dimensions L/W/H: 123.9”/68.4”/75.6”
  • Weight (approx.): 1545 lb

Honda Talon Review 2021: The Honda Talon is a side-by-side utility task vehicle. It seats two and comes in two variations, which is the 1000X and the 1000R.

The 1000R is most suited to desert work and is great for absorbing bumps at high speed and tackling rocks thanks to its increased suspension travel and wider track.

The 1000X, which is slightly more affordable, is more compact, nimble and could be a better choice when negotiating narrow forest trails.

However, both of these models are reliable and contain exceptional build quality and durability. This is in keeping with the Honda brand, which is known for producing long-lasting cars that are safe for the roads.

The company holds an obligation of “safety for everyone,” so each vehicle produced is thoroughly tested for road safety.

There are quite a few UTVs on the market, and each one comes in with different features and at different price brackets. However, the Honda Talon is worth taking a look at thanks to its brands’ credibility.

So let’s take a closer look at the Honda Talon in this Honda Talon UTV review as we point out the benefits, pros and cons of this UTV and why you should be investing in it.

Honda Talon Review & Buying Advice

Honda Talon Review 2021

When a new machine comes to the market, there are many features that get praise, and in then, there are some features that will get lost in all the shuffle; however, when it comes to the Honda Talon, there are some amazing features.

Some of the best features include comfort items all the way to the powerful performance of the brute engine.

While there are many reasons to invest in this awesome machine, here are some of the best reasons to do so.

The seats are incredibly inviting. Not only are they bolstered in such a way that they give you amazing support when driving at high speeds but also support, as you hit those tough and hard corners.

The aftermarket safety harnesses are common with lots of sports side-by-side machines, and with the Honda Talon, this is no different. There are preinstalled cutouts for those 4 to 5 point harnesses coupled with built-in harness bars behind the seats.

While this may not seem like an extremely crucial feature, when you look at how much room this rim size gives the driver for the oversized braking kits, it becomes apparent that this feature plays an important role.

The Honda Talon has a 15-inch rim from dressed in a 28-inch Maxxis spec tire that’s built specifically for the Honda.

The 2019 model also comes equipped with 30-inch tires, so when you are getting ready to customize your side, it’s definitely going to handle the load.

The Honda Talon is differently no farm vehicle; however, you may want to haul a cooler or spare tire at some point in time, and the spacious bed allows you to do exactly this.

The tie-down points in the cargo area also give you plenty of reinforced hooks to get anything strapped in.

Building a transmission without having a belt in today’s market is a step out from the pack, and Honda’s Dual-clutch transmission has proven itself in many ride red machines.

This is a fully automatic 6-speed transmission providing twin shifting modes in normal as well as sport and is ideal for those drivers who love to be in control. Engine braking is also provided for steeper trails.

The Honda talent also includes paddle shifting. This is probably one of the finest features in the entire UTV. Simply brushing A finger across the left and right paddle gets your gear higher or lower and allows you to focus on the trail ahead.

Many companies stay ahead of the game in the off-road industry by trying out new things. Honda has also developed what it calls it’s 4 link passing trailing arm system for the rear end of the Talon 1000R.

This unique approach adds a unique mounting strategy to the upper control arms as well as the trailing arms but is proven and effective by reducing the amount of toe change to 0.03 throughout the stroke of the suspension travel.

A feature that some people may miss is the advancements in this engine platform. The Unicam design is modeled after the Honda CRF engine and has striking similarities to the Honda Pioneer power plant.

Nonetheless, the cam profile has been changed to get even more power from the Talon’s heart, and the intake valves have also been unshrouded, and this allows a bit of flow into the combustion chamber.

These simple modifications, along with the 46 mm throttle body, make this engine 32 more noticeable horsepower over the Pioneer engine.

Ultimately, everything from the radius rods to the CV axle joints and A arms on the suspension of the Talon makes for adventurous and harsh riding as well as heavy foot.

It has brilliant powder-coated finishes that make this unit tough. The super steel construction makes this tough yet sharp to the eye. Making use of heavy material in the CV joints itself also means this wear and punctured resistance on the trail.

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Honda Talon Review 2021 – FAQs

Is the Honda Talon belt driven?


The Honda Talon does not have a belt to break or burn, or and six speeds low and high range the gear-to-gear transmission is suitable for hard utility use.

The transmission on this machine is different because instead of a belt-driven continuously variable automatic transmission like most other UTVs, the Honda has a car-like, six-speed, dual-clutch transmission.

So there is no belt, and you don’t need to operate a clutch; however, it can be shifted manually by making use of the paddle shifts close to the steering wheel.

It also has full automatic mode and sport mode. So you can shift manually even in automatic mode and select high and low range in any mode.

The beltless transmission is an advantage because there is no belt to burn when you’re fighting through mud, and there’s no belt to slip when it gets wet.

Where is the Honda Talon made?

The Honda Talon is made in the USA. Many major components of the Talon is American built and assembled at a plant in Timmonsville, South Carolina. So things like the frame and Differentials are made at the plant.

Lots of electrical, suspension and body components come from vendors that are also located in the USA. Only the engine and transmission are sent from Honda in Japan.

Is Honda making a 4 seat Talon?

Honda Talon 4 seated

If you liked the two-seater version of the Talon, then the four-seater Talon is going to give you more to love. The four-seater has two different models, which is the 1000X-4 and 1000X-4 Fox Live Valve.

Both these Talons are capable of taking along friends and family for the ride.

The four seater is an extension of the two-door version.

The frame has been designed to allow for more stadium-style seats in the back, and the back seats lift the passengers 3 inches higher than the front seat so they can also keep an eye on the action ahead.


  • Custom seats
  • 15-inch rims
  • Cargo bed
  • DCT Transmission
  • Fox shocks
  • Sport SxS Hill start assist
  • Paddle shifting
  • Innovative rear suspension
  • Performance 999cc engine
  • Built tough


  • Power can be improved
  • Manual shift transmission automatically downshifts when you brake
  • Cup holders are in the way
  • Storage box leaks – aluminum would be better
  • Instrument cluster should be in the front of the driver not in the middle of the cab
  • Could use a bus bar under the hood for electrical accessories
  • The i4wd design is a flaw that eats brakes pads as brake force is automatically applied to whichever wheel is spinning