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Chupacabra Offroad Rear View Side Mirror for UTV Review




ATV Tek Stable Clearview UTV Center Mirror Review




BOSS Audio MCBK470B Weatherproof Speaker Review



When customising your UTV, the options are practically endless. We’ve compiled a short list of the best UTV gear out there.

We took a look at the best UTV sound systems and pitted them head to head. We also went in search of the best rear view mirrors for UTVs. 

Our Reviews Of The Best UTV Accessories



Chupacabra Offroad Rear View Side Mirror for UTV Review

Side mirrors are one of the most useful additions you can make to your UTV. 

These Chupacabra brand side mirrors tick all the boxes for a great side mirror; durable, versatile and stylish.








ATV Tek Stable Clearview UTV Center Mirror Review

Side mirrors are one of the most useful additions you can make to your UTV. 

These Chupacabra brand side mirrors tick all the boxes for a great side mirror; durable, versatile and stylish.








BOSS Audio MCBK470B Weatherproof Speaker Review

What this system lacks in size it makes up for in style and versatility. 

With four different speakers which can be mounted anywhere your heart desires, you have the option for surround sound music while you ride.






BOSS Audio ATV30BRGB Bluetooth

Best UTV Sound System

BOSS Audio ATV30BRGB Bluetooth Review

When choosing which UTV speakers will best suit your needs, there are a few things to consider. 

Ease of installation and speaker size are amongst the most paramount.  

This BOSS audio system has big speakers, over six inches in diameter, and can simply be mounted on the back of your UTV.






Introduction to UTV Accessories

Choosing the best accessories for your UTV is only half the battle, you also must attach the accessories you’ve acquired. 

There are also many different kinds of accessories you can modify your UTV with, the above listed are only a small sampling of the most useful items you can add to your vehicle. 

UTV Accessories FAQ

How to install a sound system in your UTV?

Speakers on a UTV

Mounting Speakers

The speakers you purchase will have their own installation instructions, so be sure to follow those, however there are some general ideas to consider when installing a sound system in your UTV. 

The first step is mounting the speakers you purchased.

You should choose a location to mount your speakers that would suit you best.

That is, don’t mount them facing away from the passengers or pointing toward each other. 

It’s also a good idea to have them somewhere every passenger could be able to hear the music; not very fun for everybody else if you have two or four speakers pointing directly at the driver, but it being difficult to hear sitting in the backseat.

Some speakers will require you to drill or cut holes in some part of your UTV. 

If you purchase this kind, be sure that the placement of your speakers does not interfere with any functional aspect of your UTV. 

I.e. poking into the wheel well etc. Other speakers can be mounted to some part of the UTV’s roll bar. In these cases, just a couple small pilot holes need to be drilled for the speakers to be mounted.

If you’re put off by drilling holes in something that’s designed to protect you, you’re in luck because most speakers will have a clamp mounting design. 

That is, you will be able to attach the speakers at any point along your UTV’s pre-installed roll cage. Simply wrap the mounting bracket around the roll cage where you would like to install your speakers, and tightly close the bracket.

Installing Hardware

Connecting Power

The other half of your speaker system’s hardware is the user interface or controller, the bit with all the buttons and volume controls, and the system’s amp. 

While you’re free to mount this wherever you want, most people will want to place it somewhere in the UTV’s dash board or center console. 

Again, the specific speaker system you purchase will come with its own installation instructions, but it’s very likely that it will follow some very basic instructions.

You will need to cut a hole in your dashboard in order to mount the console. If you don’t feel comfortable cutting a hole in your dashboard, there are additional center consoles that can be installed in which you could mount the speaker’s controller. 

Once you’ve mounted the controller somewhere, you’ll also need to mount the speaker system amp. 

There are several options for where you mount this device, however common choices include under the UTV’s front hood, securely attached in a place that won’t get wet or dirty; under the dash on the driver’s side; or anywhere else your heart desires. 

Again be sure to consult your speaker system installation guide for best practices with your specific system.

Connecting Power

When everything is in place where you want them to be, it’s time to run wires around the vehicle to connect power to everything. 

You’ll be connecting everything up to your UTV’s battery. 

We’ll begin with the speakers themselves. 

You’ll need to make sure the speaker’s wires are secure and won’t catch on your passengers as they enter the vehicle, or on the environment as you’re off roading. 

You can attach and secure these wires with zip ties.

You’ll need to guide the speaker’s wires to the system’s amp. 

The wires from rear speakers can be run discretely down the edge of your roll bars and secreted down the side of the UTV, along the bottom ridge of the doors and under the dash, where all the wires will interconnect. 

An important note in the wiring process, if you do decide to run the speaker wires through the door’s opening, be sure that they will not be crushed or damaged by the door’s opening and closing.

Next you’ll need to attach the speaker system’s controller to the amp. 

This step shouldn’t be very difficult because, unless you’ve decided to secret away the system’s amp somewhere very creative, they should be very close to one another. 

These relatively short wires can be run behind the dashboard and connected easily.

Lastly, and most importantly, you’ll need to connect power to the whole system. 

Some installers have suggested instead of attaching the power supply directly to the battery, you can attach the system to the vehicle’s ignition, ensuring that the speakers cannot drain the battery when the UTV is off. 

Again, be sure to consult your system’s installation instructions when deciding how you’d like to install your speakers. 

Alternatively, you’ll want to run wires to the UTV’s battery. 

This can most often be done by secreting a wire along the floor inside the cab of your UTV leading directly to the battery. 

Many speaker systems will come with a specific waterproof device, with which you can attach the speaker system directly to the battery.

How to wire up additional speakers?

Let’s say you’ve already installed a few speakers into your UTV but you’d like to add more. 

Whether it’s a subwoofer you’d like to install, or perhaps just another set of speakers so that the people in the backseat can enjoy the music as much as you can, the process will be very simple.

Your speaker system, will provide instructions to exactly where each wire is meant to go, but suffice it to say, all you need to do is connect the positive wires together and the negative wires together. 

By and large, the same signals can be passed from one speaker to another. 

Exceptions to this rule include when you want to ensure that the speaker system is stereo, meaning that there are slightly different sounds coming from the left and right speakers; and the installation and use of a subwoofer.

To ensure your stereo is in stereo, you’ll need to separate out the speaker wires by left or right side, and make sure that they only connect with one another. 

The installation of a subwoofer will change based off of what kind of subwoofer you purchase. There are subwoofers that are powered and unpowered.

Powered subwoofers have their amps built in, meaning that you do not need to install a second amp. 

These subwoofers are essentially plug and play. You mount them out of the way, sometimes in a recession under the hood; some models can attach to the back of your glove compartment, taking up the majority of its space, but making installation very easy. 

Still other models can be secreted away under the driver or passenger’s seat, when purchased for specific models.

Unpowered subwoofers on the other hand, need to be provided with an amp to supply power to it. 

This is a simple as installing a second amplifier to provide for the subwoofer. 

These typically can be installed right next to your other speakers’ amplifier, making installation as simple as finding a place to securely mount the subwoofer, and connecting it to an amplifier to supply power.

How to install rear view mirrors for your UTV?

Rear View Mirror UTV

Whether you’re trying to make your UTV street legal, wanting to make backing your UTV out of a trailer easier and less stressful on your neck, or maybe you want to see how well you’re beating your friends in a race down the dirt road, rear view mirrors are useful and easy to install.

While there may be some options on the market that will require pilot holes to be drilled into your roll bar to secure your rear view mirror into place, you’re most likely to encounter the much easier, clamp-style-attached rear view mirror. 

These mirrors can be wrapped around almost any point on your UTV’s roll bar and secured into place by tightening a couple bolts.

There are several popular places to attach your rear view mirror, in the center up above the dashboard between the driver and passenger seats; on the driver’s side sticking out away from the UTV, and on the passenger side in the same orientation. 

When you’ve decided where you’d like your rear view mirror, mounting them can take less than five minutes.

Unscrew the bolts, and wrap the bracket around the roll bar at the desired location. 

Your rear view mirror kit should have come with a thin piece of rubber. Insert the rubber between the roll bar the the brackets, this will keep the mirror from slipping while on the rough roads. 

Screw the bolts into place and tighten them. You can then attach the mirror itself by feeding its bolt through the available hole, adding the necessary washers and tightening the nut into place.

How to adjust rear view mirrors for UTV?

After factory rear view mirrors are often convex, meaning that they provide a wide angle view of what’s behind you. 

This means there are several advantageous positions you can orient your rear view mirrors in. 

You can position the mirror in whatever orientation you like, either vertically for a sleeker look that will blend into the shape of your UTV; or you can position them horizontally to provide a better viewing angle of what’s behind you. 

Many rear view mirror kits can be modified to extend the mirror further away from the body of your UTV. 

This is done with the addition of a simple piece of metal that secures in place on both ends.  This modification can be done very easily.

If you’re rear view mirror is already installed, you can modify it very easily by removing the mirror by unscrewing the nut holding it in place, replacing it with the nut and bolt that came with the added modifier, and securing this into place. 

What you have now is a short, secure arm, extending out away from the UTV. At the end of this arm will be a hole. Simply attach the mirror to this end of the extended arm and you have an adjusted rear view mirror that can see even more than it did before. 

What are some other must-have accessories for your UTV?

UTV accessories

Your UTV can be customized in many different ways, from changing the color of the paint, to lighting up the undercarriage with bright neon colors. 

Anything your heart desires, if your purse is large enough you can have it. Here are just some of the most useful modification that can be made to your UTV.


I don’t think anybody would disagree with me when I say that seeing where you are going is very important. 

Some models of UTV, especially older models, don’t provide excellent headlights to begin with, and would benefit from an upgrade. 

There are LED lights that can replace your bulbs, however it might be a better long term solution to take advantage of replacement LED headlights.

If you’ve done that and still are afraid of the dark, or wish to be seen even clearer, you wouldn’t do wrong by adding additional lights to your vehicle. 

Lights can be attached to the roll bar facing in literally any direction, and if there still isn’t enough light for you, why not consider investing in a light bar.

Light bars can send out blankets of light, rather than individual beams as typical headlights or spotlights do.

Light sabers

While they have many names, in my opinion, light sabers describes them best. These are led covered rods that stick out overtop of your UTV. 

These lights are less practical than they are beautiful, though they would definitely come in handy when off roading with friends at night. 

They would act as signal lights so that you knew where each other were, to keep an eye on eachother, making sure everybody’s safe, and also that you don’t run into one another.


The more accessories you add to your UTV, the less space there will be. Adding specific kinds of subwoofer for example, as we discussed above, will take up almost the entirety of your glove box. 

This can make storage a vital resource. There are many different storage solutions, but here are a couple of the most useful.

Roll bar organizer

Many storage solutions can actually make the problem worse when they take up space already reserved for something else, like a passenger. 

The roll bar organizer is a novel solution that attaches out of the way on the largely unused roll bar. It consists of several pouches and sacks that can be velcroed closed out of the way.

Trunk Storage

The most common type of storage comes in the form of trunk storage. The implementation of this kind requires some space be given up. 

If you’re lucky enough to have a truck bed, there are trunks that can be securely attached on the truck bed, while still other types of trunk storage take up the space between the backseat, or sometimes the front seat passengers.


Comparing and contrasting UTV accessories, it’s clear to see that there are benefits and drawbacks to any product. 

You have to evaluate each item for yourself and make sure that our recommendations are best for you. We’ve searched for the best UTV speakers and come up with the BOSS weatherproof four speaker system; our choice for the best sound system for your UTV. 

And having looked at many different rear and side view mirrors, we’ve determined that the Chupacabra brand side view mirrors shine above the rest. While the ATV Tek center mounted rear view mirror will suit almost anyone with the right thickness of roll bar.

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