How To Transform Your ATV To Snow Plow

How To Transform Your ATV To Snow Plow

If you’re sick and tired of shoveling snow during the winter, it’s time to arm yourself with the right equipment.

Look no further than your ATV!

Should you invest in an ATV snow plow?

Yes, and that’s because it’s not just useful for clearing away snow. You can use it for a variety of different tasks, such as clearing fallen leaves, cleaning dirt from the ground, or even spreading mulch on your lawn.

You can even use it as a forklift if you need to move heavy objects. Interested?

Let’s take a look at how to transform your ATV into a snow plow.

How Your ATV Can Become A Snow Plow Power System

Snow Plow ATV

You might be wondering how an ATV snow plow will work.

Basically, it makes use of a blade that’s attached to the front of your ATV which pushes the snow.

This blade can be made of strong composite material or metal, and it can be lowered as well as raised, either manually or with the use of a winch.

To turn your ATV into a snow plow system, you will need the following items.

Plow Blade

The plow blade you will choose for your ATV depends on the site you’re clearing of snow.

These blades tend to range from about 42 inches to 72 inches, and they also come in different designs, such as a V-shaped or straight design.

A straight blade will be lighter to handle and also cheaper.

That said, a V-shaped plow blade will be able to slice through thicker snow and ice.

When choosing a plow blade, make sure you consider the type of your ATV.

If it’s 500cc or lower, you shouldn’t choose a blade that’s too large.

Blades that are larger are more suitable for machines that are at least 600cc.

Of course, you should also consider the size of the area that you’re plowing so that the blade won’t be too big and knock into things, such as driveway edges or pavements.

Mounting Frame

ATV Mounting Frame

You might be wondering how you’ll attach the blade to the ATV.

Well, you’ll need a mounting system. You can find a push tube system or a rapid mount.

The push tube system will connect the underside of the machine to a bracket with the use of pin locks.

Rapid mounts, on the other hand, will require the ATV to drive into the locking mechanism that will be attached to the blade, as Midwest Traction reports.

The mounting frame you use should be strong and compatible with your ATV, especially if you’re going to use it to clear away heavy or wet snow as this can put strain on the ATV and damage the frame.

Always make sure that the frame is compatible with your ATV because if it’s not, you risk permanently damaging it.

The Lift System

A winch is a common tool used to plow snow because it’s so versatile and you can easily attach it to your ATV.

A lifting system that makes use of the vehicle’s electric winch (that’s mounted onto the front of it) will ensure you can move the blade up and down, and it’s a popular choice because it enables you to lift the plow directly from your driver’s position.

It’s also easy and simple to use. However, you can also use an electric actuator.

How Wide Should Your Snow Plow Be?

ATV Snow Plow

Here’s a general rule to bear in mind: if you’ll be plowing narrow areas, such as a sidewalk, you’ll want a smaller plow that won’t bump against the sidewalk.

For larger areas, such as driveways, you’ll need a wider one.

How do you determine the correct width?

You can find a range of snow plow blade widths, such as those that are 54 inches, 60 inches, 72 inches, 78 inches, and more.

To choose the correct width, don’t only consider what task you’ll be doing but also what snow conditions you’ll be working in as well as the ATV’s weight.

If your blade is too wide, it will be harder for the ATV to push through heavy snow.

This can put pressure on the blade as well as the ATV itself.

On the other hand, if your blade is too narrow, this will be more difficult to handle and it could cause the snow to become compacted.

How To Install A Snow Plow On Your ATV

To correctly install a snow plow on your ATV, you’ll have to follow the following steps:

  • With the use of a jack, raise your ATV so you can move underneath it to attach the mounting plate to your vehicle.
  • You’ll need to use U-bolts to attach the frame of the plate to your ATV and keep it securely fastened in place.
  • Next comes the plow tube. You’ll have latches and pins that will be used to attach this tube to the front end of the ATV.

Note: There are two types of plow tubes to choose from: a straight one, that’s lower to the ground, and an articulating tube that gives the snow plow blade more height.

While the above are general tips, your snow plow will come with instructions from the manufacturer.

How Easily You’ll Be Able To Plow With Your ATV

Your ATV can work really well as a snow plow because it can plow up to eight inches of light snow.

It works quickly and is especially useful for removing snow on the sidewalks.

If you have heavy and deep snow, you’ll have more luck plowing snow with the use of a snow blower.

This is because when the snow is thicker than seven or eight inches, the bike’s low weight will start to battle to remove it.

You will be able to tell this is happening by how your ATV’s tires will spin or it will battle to maintain the blade on the ground.

The blades that will be attached to ATVs to turn it into a snow plow tend to be narrow so they will work really well to remove snow from driveways, narrow roads, and the like.

For more intensive work, you’ll need a heavier vehicle.

What Size ATV Is Recommended?


If you want to plow snow and you already have an ATV, you might wonder if it’s suitable for the task.

The truth is that any mid-to-upper ATV size will be sufficient.

It should also be between 400 and 800cc, so that it will have the correct engine power as well as weight.

It requires a decent amount of weight in order to maintain stability during snow plowing.

However, if you’re keen to purchase an ATV that you want to use for more than snow plowing, such as heavy towing tasks or speed trail riding, you’ll need to purchase an ATV with a larger engine.

Related Questions

How much does a snow plow cost?

A snow plow for your ATV can cost between $300 and $800, depending on various factors, such as its quality and width, as well as how you’ll install it on your ATV.

How can you maintain the blade of your snow plow?

A tip when using the blade is to apply cooking oil to it.

This hack works to prevent snow from sticking and clumping to the blade, and it helps it to roll off it so that the snow will go where you want it to.

Is it legal to remove snow with the use of an ATV?

It really depends on the state and city in which you live as in some places this isn’t allowed.

For example, in some states pushing snow from private driveways into the road is considered dangerous and therefore prohibited.

Always check with your city’s rules and regulations before going ahead.


If you own an ATV or are eyeing one out to purchase, you might like the idea of being able to plow snow with it.

This can help you clear away snow in a much more effective, less stressful way.

In this article, we’ve provided you with information about how to use your ATV to remove snow, so that your task becomes hassle-free and even enjoyable.

If you love riding your ATV, you’ll love being able to use it for tasks around the home, such as plowing through the snow in the winter – it’s much better than using a shovel!

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