Turning Your ATV/UTV Into An Amazing Lawn Mower

Turning Your ATV/UTV Into An Amazing Lawn Mower

Owning an ATV is a dream for many but when you start feeling guilty about spending all that money on what could be classed as a toy, what can you do?

Many smart thinking ATV owners of today have figured out a way to solve two problems: how to get their favorite vehicle to be more than just an entertainment device and how to make mowing the lawn fun.

ATVs are powerful little beasts and a whole lot of enjoyment on their own, but if you wish they were capable of doing more, transforming them into a lawnmower probably sounds like a good idea.

Imagine driving your favorite toy around the yard while you get one of the most tedious and strenuous weekend chores done, and you’ll see why so many people want to try and convert theirs.

So, can you turn your ATV into a lawnmower?

It is possible to turn an ATV or UTV into a lawnmower with the right tools and a dedicated mower attachment but it also depends on the vehicle’s capabilities.

These can be connected to various positions on the vehicle and allow you to use it as a ride-on mower, with different types available including rough cut and finish mower styles.

Before you get excited about the possibility of owning a ride-on lawnmower, check out our guide that walks you through the process and what’s needed.

With your own ATV mower, you can make short work of your overgrown lawn and find a whole new reason to ride your favorite toy around more often.

Can You Turn Your ATV Into a Lawn Mower?

The standard ATV has all of the features needed to be transformed into a lawnmower, but just because it can, that doesn’t always mean it’s a good idea.

To determine whether your ATV would work well as a mower, you have to make sure that it’s strong, powerful, and has the potential for mounting an attachment.

The good news about ATVs and UTVs is that most models come with a universal mounting kit. This design feature means you’re able to attach just about anything to your favorite vehicle, which includes a lawnmower attachment.

With a huge range of lawnmower mounts and positions to choose from, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to find one that fits yours.

The Pros and Cons of Using an ATV Lawn Mower

The Pros And Cons Of Using An ATV Lawn Mower

Before you get started, you’ll want to make sure you know both the good and bad sides of this project. If you own an ATV and you’re thinking of purchasing a lawn mower mount to give it a makeover, check out the pros and cons of the transformation.


  • Cuts Tall Grass

If you use a pull-behind mower mount on your ATV, you’ll be able to clear through thick and tall grass with ease. Thanks to the 4×4 capabilities, you can drive through tougher terrain on your ATV which means reaching the spots your other mower can’t.

  • Drives fast

Compared to a standard mower, your ATV is capable of traveling at much faster speeds and therefore can cut the grass a lot faster too. Provided you can maneuver it well, you’ll be able to cut the time in half that you usually spend mowing.

  • Saves money

Not only will you get more value for money out of your ATV because of how much you paid for it but it’ll save you from having to buy a ride-on lawn mower. With a basic ATV costing up to $10,00 and beyond, it’ll be nice to get as much use out of it as you can.


  • Damaging to your grass

An ATV wasn’t designed to drive on plush green suburban grass, as it quickly does damage to it. If you have a typical lawn that must be treated with care, the 4×4 drivetrain on your ATV will put some serious holes in your lawn each time you turn.

  • Hard to turn

Unless you have a lawn that’s one, long straight line, you’re going to find it hard to make a lot of turns with an ATV mower. When you’re pulling a mower behind you, you won’t be able to make tight turns which can be a problem with a lawn that’s not straightforward.

  • Hard work

Compared to a real ride on mower that uses a pedal to speed up, an ATV uses an accelerator on the handle. This means your wrist and hand will become fatigued and numb after some time as you try to keep the speed consistent and mow at the same time.

Positioning Your ATV Lawn Mower Mounts

Positioning Your ATV Lawn Mower Mounts

When you’re ready to get to work transforming your ATV into a lawn mower, you’ll then have some decisions to make.

Most importantly and firstly, you have to decide the type of lawn mower mount you’ll use. This should depend on a few factors including towing capacity, the area you plan on mowing, and terrain you’re working with.

  • Frontal mount

These attachments offer a front-mounted mowing deck that attaches to the front of your ATV. They allow for better visibility of the job and help you see where you’re going next but might not be as versatile as others.

  • Pull behind

As the name suggests, a pull behind lawn mower mount attaches to the back of your ATV and pulls along behind you as you drive. They’re ideal for a variety of needs but you must ensure that they meet the towing capacity of your ATV before you install them.

  • Central mount

A central-mount lawn mower attaches to the bottom of your ATV and then cuts at either the side or front of the vehicle. They’re not as common as other varieties but is better for ATVs that require a lightweight attachment.

Types of ATV Lawn Mowers

Flail Mower

Once you’ve established the position on your ATV to mount the mower, you’ll then have to decide the type of lawn mower attachment you want.

These are some examples of common mower attachments that can be installed on ATVs, UTVs, tractors, and more, and what each of them has to offer.

Rough Cut Mowers

A rough cut mower is one that’s not concerned with how good the grass looks when you’re done, but rather how efficient it is at cutting through it, and it makes light work of rough terrain.

Within this class, there are several different types, so check out what their capabilities are to help you decide if it’s the right fit for your ATV.

Flail Mower

A flail mower was made for rough terrain and thick grass, stalks, and brush. Their cutting blades are plenty and they’re situated on a horizontal roller that rotates and slings the blades out with force.

Each blade turns on its own pivot though, so if it hits an obstacle or strikes the ground, it will kickback. With this special design, you can cut the grass quite low to the ground without worrying about damaging the blade. 

Front mount flail mower

A flail ATV mower can be mounted to the front of the ATV so that you’re able to raise and lower them as needed.

With the right attachment, you’ll able to offset the mower so that it’s wider than the width of the ATV which gives you greater cutting range but can make turning hard.


A shredder ATV mower is similar to the flail mower but they usually have an additional cutting bar attached.

This type of mower provides a mulching action that can be helpful working with larger areas and a flap on the deck that assists with this process. There are lots of options with a shredder attachment for different blades so it can be quite versatile.

Rotary motor

This is a traditional style of mower with blades mounted either on the deck or horizontally to the ground, rotating so that they’re parallel.

They have a larger and more powerful motor that helps them cut rough areas and grass that’s thick and tough.


A trimmer ATV mower is similar to a standard lawn trimmer but amped up to suit the harsher trimming that it might have to do.

These mowers work with a large cutting line and use a swinging action that lets them get up close to obstacles without doing any damage, so if you have a lot of shrubberies they’re recommended. 

Finish Mowers

The finish mowers are those concerned with a cleaner cut and a polished finish, just as their name suggests. These are the most popular types of ATV mower attachments in this category for grass that doesn’t require as much work.

Rotary blade

These mowers allow for minor adjustments to be made which can help cut grass to specific levels and with greater precision.

Most in this category are deck style pull behind attachments and have features like anti-scalping tools and a height adjuster.

Reel mower

A reel mower looks like the classic lawn mower with curved blades attached to the wheels that cut as they turn around.

A reel mower is best for fine grass and easy to mow grass, for people who want a manicured finish on their lawn, and they don’t require an engine to work.

This smaller type of mower is usually gang mounted onto an ATV with multiple mowers at work, allowing them to cover enough ground.

Cost and Installation of an ATV Mower Mount

Cost And Installation Of An ATV Mower Mount

To transform your ATV into an ATV mower, you can expect to pay between $500 to a few thousand dollars for the attachment.

On the lower end of the scale are the reel mowers that don’t require a motor to work where larger and heavy-duty pull behind mower attachments can cost quite a lot more.

To install your ATV mower mount, you’ll need to refer to the specific manual that comes with the attachment as well as the guidelines for your make and model of ATV.

Locating where the universal mount is on the vehicle will be the most important step but from there it should be relatively straightforward to install provided you’re following the instructions.

Related Questions

Related Questions

Your ATV is capable of so much more than just being a fun toy to ride around, and it can take the pain away from the tiresome chore of mowing as well.

If you’ve been thinking about what else is possible with your ATV or UTV and have a lawn that requires extra assistance, check out the answers to some frequently asked questions for more information.

Will a Lawn Mower Battery Work in an ATV?

If the battery has run low on your ATV and you need a fast replacement, you should avoid using one that’s come from a lawnmower.

Lawn mowers aren’t designed for extreme riding conditions that ATVs encounter and you can do damage to the batteries with all of the rough movement.

What Can I Do With My Old Ride On Lawn Mower?

When your old ride-on lawn mower has stopped working and can’t be fixed, the best thing to do with it is to have it recycled.

The various metal and plastic parts can be stripped down at a local recycling center and it can be used to make other objects. Depending on your location, ride on lawn mowers can be collected or you have to drop it at a recycling facility.

What is the Maximum Speed of an ATV?

The most powerful modern ATVs and UTVs can reach up to 80mph as their top speeds, although it depends entirely on the make and model as to its capabilities.

With a lawnmower attachment, it’s not recommended to ride at these high speeds, with most ride-on lawn mowers only reaching around 7mph to be able to cut grass safely and effectively.

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