Electromobility in everyday life

The objective is to provide the basis for the consideration of which types of daily car trips that can be undertaken by electric/hybrid vehicles. The WP will identify relevant factors, possibilities and limitations for the substitution of ordinary cars by electrified vehicles. Results from WP 2 will be used as input to WP 4 and WP 5.

The main objective can be summarized in the following questions:

To answer these questions mapping of travel patterns for different groups in various residential areas has to be done. Purpose, travel length, where the trip goes (within or out of the local community) and if it is a single trip or part of a trip-chain. The focus will be on car trips, and whether these trips are carried out with passengers or not and whether the car are used as a carrier of goods or equipment, if possible.

The best data source for this analysis is National/Regional Travel Surveys (NTS), which is available in all three countries. In Copenhagen additional questions about e-vehicles will be added to the ongoing travel survey. In addition to the NTS in Norway results from a survey of commuting in special areas of Kongsberg from 2008 can be employed.