Work Packages

The COMPETT project has defined 5 Work Packages.

WP1: Dynamic, technical platform for the use of electric propulsion

The main objective is to give a comprehensive up to date overview of the technologies available for a competitive and successful implementation of e-mobility as part of the transport system of medium size towns.

WP2: Electromobility in everyday life

The main objective is to provide the basis for the consideration of which types of daily car trips that can be undertaken by electric/hybrid vehicles. The WP will identify relevant factors, possibilities and limitations for the substitution of ordinary cars by electrified vehicles. Results from WP 2 will be used as input to WP 4 and WP 5.

WP3: Silent urban driving

The main objective is to organise and conduct the noise measurements done in COMPETT as well as analysing how electric powered vehicles will affect the noise environment.

WP4: Regional Electromobility

The main objective is to define the theoretical framework for scenarios and regional surveys, establish the regional public and private interests and initiatives and show users ?and potential users? attitudes, preference and behavior

WP5: Economic assessment of incentives for e-vehicles and implementation

The objectives is assessment of the potentials for e-vehicles to replace traditional vehicles in 2015-2020.