Competitive Electric Town Transport

Although electrified vehicles have existed for years, the number of such vehicles in practical use is most limited compared to the number of internal combustion engine vehicles (ICE).

The objectives of this project is the reduction of CO2-emissions by increased use of electrified vehicles through better knowledge of the barriers against and potentials for electrified vehicles, including reduced road traffic noise. Fully electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, fuel-cell hydrogen vehicles and electric two-wheelers have different functionalities and may face different barriers and potentials.

Important questions are:

Austria, Denmark and Norway participate in the project with a total of five partners representing research, local authorities and businesses. The COMPETT project will shed new light on the appropriate role of the government in the take-off stage and the creation of a self-sustaining market for e-vehicles. COMPETTs recommendations will address the different role of the different stakeholders or actors.

Participating organisations: